Do Republicans really want to defeat Obama?

TAMPA, Fl., April 2, 2012 —The Republican Party has energized its base around the idea that Barack Obama must be defeated to save America from “socialism.” They won a majority in the House in 2010 by focusing on Obamacare. They claim that this election is a turning point. Obama must be defeated or America will be “fundamentally changed.”

There is only one problem. All of the candidates they are running will lose to Obama, with the exception of Ron Paul.

In order to win the general election, the Republicans need independents and Democrats. They also need a media narrative that shows a clear contrast between their candidate and Obama. They get all of this with Paul and none of it with Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich.

During the 2010 elections, Republicans pulled off a rhetorical coup. They successfully labeled Obamacare as “socialism” while at the same time mobilizing millions of senior citizens against the program because it would hurt Medicare. Hats off to their spin doctors. It won’t be that easy this year. If they want to attack Obama on Obamacare, they can’t run a candidate who signed the same program into law in Massachusetts (Romney), who supported its individual mandate for twenty years (Gingrich), or who voted for the Medicare prescription drug benefit (Santorum).

Santorum hasn’t endorsed the individual mandate, but Obama can argue that he’s all for government healthcare and “spreading the wealth around” because of Medicare Part D. The Republican base might swallow Santorum’s rebuttals, but for the rest Obamacare gets neutralized.

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2 thoughts on “Do Republicans really want to defeat Obama?

  1. William Schooler

    No they don’t and their actions show without question there intent. The same bankers supporting Romney to make him the front runner are giving Obama 10 times that and they are sure of their pay off.

    Seeing some of the wrangling’s at the Washington state County caucus I actually started asking myself yesterday if the GOP actually has a Democratic mole. The reason for this was because of the last presidential election was entirely corrupt and Obama, a totally unknown was now president and from beginning to now has been crime after crime to the Constitution. Well this is a result of corrupt but yesterday there was a video of some guy in the GOP lying to all other camps blatantly to get them to vote for Romney by saying all their parties agreed to this which is an Obama win. Funny we all know this but the GOP is going to pretend they know better and we do not know a thing? Funny we all knew Obama was going to win last time also. If we can guess that good two times in a row who knows and who is pretending? The message is that results speak louder than words and when you see consistent results you start to look for the cause. The Bankers are very manipulative and have lots of printed money, could they have a plant or two in the GOP. The corruption is certainly the very same.

    Here we have many people participating to throw Obama out, they are willing to show up and endure poor procedure. But most had no clue they would be entirely deceived by their own party and that will hit home in this election.

    I personally think the GOP may defeat itself before it gets to Florida as the evidence of fraud is HUGE against them. Thank goodness for some real dedicated Ron Paul people who are totally for Liberty and had media devices and were in the right places at the right time and more and more deception is being exposed. This is not going to sit well in our near future because a lot of us are good hard working honest people and we see no reason to be blatantly lied too. I think the Santorum, Gingrich and Ron Paul Camps are going to defy the broken. They were all lied to by supposed Romney people, but I am questioning if they might be Obama people.

    And those running the GOP cannot possibly be this stupid to think they could lie their way to a win. Although I have been wrong before, they just may be this stupid. That being said I think their demise is coming. Too many know Romney will not win no matter how much they lie cheat and steal.

    If he makes it to the election, if that is possible when he looses, the GOP will have lost any face value what so every and they will be over run by total defiance and there will be nothing they can do. Too many of us knew he would never win or he would of in the last election, thats how sure I am.

    If the GOP recognizes what it has done and really wants to Win they will expose themselves and with no question will Ron Paul end up with the most support. It wasn’t that people hated Ron supporters, it was that they were lied to as well, as all other camps. When the lie gets so big you cannot hide it anymore you either admit and deliver the goods or you get entirely exposed and will have no support in the next go round or ever. Respect is earned and disrespect creates the defiance.

    Good luck with that Lie GOP, but remember you heard it here when you are no longer in existence, or you could expose the Obama mole.

  2. Timothy Richardson

    Thank you William, for speaking out and being another voice in our fight to regain our freedom and liberty.
    Tim Richardson
    Ron Paul Supporter


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