Election 2012: Was Obama the lesser of two evils?

TAMPA, November 8, 2012 – “We’re all socialists now.”

If all of the pre-election hype about the presidential election being a choice between socialism and capitalism was true, then that statement must be true.

I doubt most Americans believe it.

In fact, Obama is no more a socialist than Romney is a capitalist. Obama has not called for state ownership of the means of production. Romney has not called for a laissez faire economy. Absent the rhetoric, they would both be most accurately described as European social democrats.

For libertarians, the choice between them was “heads the government wins, tails libertarians lose.” It is generally assumed that libertarians would consider Romney the “lesser of two evils.” I don’t think that’s true.

Romney’s rhetoric employed buzz words that both libertarians and conservatives respond to, like “free markets,” “small government” and “less taxes.” Obama’s rhetoric employed universally recognized code words for wealth redistribution like “fairness,” “fair share” and “investment.”

However, when you strip all of that away, the policy platforms of the two men were virtually identical.

Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to help balance the federal budget. Romney does not disagree. Romney stated – over and over again in the first debate – that his plan to lower the income tax rates while simultaneously “closing loopholes” (translation: eliminate deductions) was aimed at getting the wealthy to pay more while giving small business and the middle class a tax break.

When Obama says it, he’s a socialist. When Romney says it, crickets.

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1 thought on “Election 2012: Was Obama the lesser of two evils?

  1. William

    Romney was never in the running, he was put there by insiders in the corrupt GOP to put Obama back in office as they intended. To have a big show and pretend an election which was predictable 8 months ago.

    A Corrupt system will only produce corrupt results as are visible today and for what? Bigger Government, more control, more lies, more secrecy and crime against sovereign people.

    No one in the show promoting good old Liberty but the acts of opposition to such a concept. I believe this to be one of the biggest lessons of our life time and all the results yet to be displayed but they will be and the awakening will be enormous. So many people need a real punch in the face before reality strikes them entirely and this show was certainly a big blow.

    I call it the example of education in this country as all those running this country are all degreed, educated, non intelligent life forms and their legacy will last for years and the best lessons ever learned by a civilization.

    Maybe now we will really start to educate ourselves not with their education but that of our own knowledge and experiences because every cause has a result to bare, we have not even began so one does not even exist to date.

    Could education and criminality be one of the same? What are we producing here and around the world, prosperity or theft?

    Maybe we forgot we are all life and all a part of all other life. Maybe we didn’t look at we must have Liberty in place to Pursue achievements that support life. Maybe our pursuits didn’t add up to much because we were too educated by their ideas versus testing ideas of our own. Maybe we don’t really use mirrors for their intended purpose, to look at ourselves and our own actions and decisions and results. Maybe we chose not to look by attempting to convince ourselves we were right for what we were doing rather than knowing our actions totally supported the LIFE that WE are. Maybe now is the best time to find that mirror and look again and discover who are the deciding in this life.

    Every revolution in time will always return back to the beginning and is how growth becomes possible. Its the accumulation in each we evaluate that makes good choice making skills and growth even possible.


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