Libertarians are not corporate apologists

TAMPA, October 22, 2012 – In the wake of Ron Paul’s campaign and with Gary Johnson rising in the polls, libertarianism may just get a hearing for the first time in decades.

Already, the usual fallacies have resurfaced. If you don’t want the government to run education, you must be against education. If you don’t want the government to run healthcare, you must not want people to get healthcare.

This misunderstanding is often summed up with comments like, “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with an ‘every man for himself’ society.” This springs from the absurd assumption that human beings never confer benefits upon one another except when forced to do so at gunpoint.

One corollary of the “every man for himself” theory is that a libertarian society would “let corporations run wild,” resulting in a small, wealthy elite controlling all of the resources and exercising oligarchical rule over the rest of society. (So do we live in a libertarian society now?)

Most people would probably be surprised at the libertarian stand on corporations. In a libertarian society, they wouldn’t exist. Corporations are creatures of the state. They are created by the government and endowed with privileges that individuals do not have. This contradicts a fundamental premise of libertarianism, that all people are created equal and have equal rights.

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1 thought on “Libertarians are not corporate apologists

  1. William Schooler

    Down with Corporatism means down with our present education system constructed solely by them simply to serve only them.

    Liberty is simply freedom from those imposing themselves upon you as your authority, as in corporatism, as in the Federal Reserve system, as in British ideas and values taught to us daily.

    Stop pretending we are educated and start educating not by all the books you can read but by all the results you can cause to take place. Lessons are learned by experiences period. I am not a party, I am a producing American who wants sustainability in my community by the ideas we can create that create such results.

    We do not need a president to fix us, we need each other to understand and to do the acts of fixing ourselves without a governing body or at least with a very limited governing body.


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