No, government isn’t the problem. It’s the Nitwit Mob.


Thirty-nine years ago, Ronald Reagan said during his first inaugural address, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” It had Conservative, Inc. atwitter for decades, even long after everyone knew the federal government doubled in size under The Gipper.

Both proponents and opponents still talk about Reagan as if he shrank the government when he did precisely the opposite. That’s understandable coming from political operatives or media (but I repeat myself) who have some stake in people believing it. What is intolerable is the tens of millions of nitwits – there really is no other word for them – who believe it themselves, contrary to easily verifiable data.

Thus, this libertarian is led to what some might consider an extraordinary conclusion. Government is not, in fact, the problem.

Contrary to what we in the so-called “liberty movement” would like to think, there is not a large percentage of the population yearning to break free from an oppressive government.

In reality, all those polls showing single digit approval ratings for Congress result from people being angry the government isn’t doing more. I wish I could tell you what you want to hear. But I can’t.

Hundreds of years ago there was a moment when the American population was somewhat suspicious of government, respectful of property rights (the only real rights) and devoted to personal liberty. That sentiment began eroding almost immediately upon the thirteen colonies gaining their independence. It died completely generations ago, but for a few contrarians.

We now live in as close to a pure democracy as any society this size could possibly achieve. By “pure democracy,” I do not mean the overrated distinction between democracy and republic. I mean a system in which the will of the majority is unchecked by any institutional restraint.

When you consider half the population have, by definition, IQs under 100, then you can see why it isn’t difficult for a small, interested minority to combine with that population segment to impose whatever they want upon the rest of us. All they need do is promise safety from some terrifying threat, real or imagined, and the cowardly, obsequious, statist-to-the-core majority will not only accept the plan but demand it.

We are ruled by the Nitwit Mob. Democracy is its means, comfortable slavery its end. Participation is mandatory.

How does one know the members of this mob, you ask? Identifying non-members would make for a shorter answer, but here is an incomplete list of some tell-tale characteristics:

  • Mindlessly repeating talking points they hear on state propaganda broadcasts like The Today Show as if the talking points are their own, well considered opinions.
  • Changing their profile pics to some symbol in politically correct vogue at the moment. Can one say any more emphatically, “I have no identify of my own?”
  • “Thanking the troops” for their freedom – or for anything else for that matter. Thanking is only appropriate when a benefit is conferred. And no American taxpayer has benefited from the troops invading Afghanistan, Iraq, Viet Nam, Somalia, Korea…
  • Starting any sentence with the words, “You need to….” Yes, this is a personal pet peeve, but think about the thought process behind this ubiquitous expression. It’s a passive-aggressive way of ordering someone to do something, often to fall in line with some politically correct or otherwise state-directed behavior.

The appropriate response is something like, “No, I need to do no such thing. If you would like me to do thus and so, I suggest you ask politely, employing the word, ‘please.’ I make no guarantees.”

Or, if time is short, simply, “Fuck you.”

  • Using the word “we” when advancing a political agenda. “We need, we must, we can,” etc. are all words employed by two groups of people: those who wish to control or plunder you and the Nitwits who enable them.

What is the solution to rule by the Nitwit Mob? I don’t know.  But I can tell you what the solution isn’t: trying to reason with them.

We can write all the essays we want, teach all the economics we want, cite all the great thinkers in the libertarian tradition we want. It’s not going to work because the Nitwit Mob doesn’t want to be reasoned with. They don’t want to consider your point of view. No, they don’t find that information you “shared” interesting.

The Nitwits are impervious to these efforts because they are emotionally invested in statism. They want an all-powerful state to care for them like they are livestock and they demand you take your place in the stable next to them (not to mention pay for the stable). Any suggestion this might be immoral, impractical or even detrimental to their own interests might as well be made to a donkey.

In substance abuse programs, it is often said the first step in solving your problem is admitting you have one.  We must admit we have a Nitwit problem compared to which the state pales in comparison. Let’s stop operating under the assumption that if we could just bring them the information evil forces have kept from them, they’d join our cause. They won’t.

As my kung fu Sifu once said, “Well, what you’re doing obviously isn’t working. So, whatever you decide to do, don’t keep doing that.” Consider this a request for proposals. How do we free ourselves from the Nitwits who are too stupid to persuade and too numerous to fight?

Tom Mullen is the author of Where Do Conservatives and Liberals Come From? And What Ever Happened to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Part One and A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.

7 thoughts on “No, government isn’t the problem. It’s the Nitwit Mob.

  1. Brian WIlson

    I suspect many appreciating your message may be “loners”; not recluses per se, just not paddling around in an ocean of like-minded friends.That might be their preference. Or it could be there are very few “like-mindeds” to befriend and ‘current’ friends have become “former”, thanks to the political wedges being driven between us.

    If that’s a reasonably valid presumption, cultivating groups similarly disposed and geographically proximate could be beneficial for any number of reasons from Social to Strategizing to Survival. Brainstorming is Good; Brainstorming over a Beer is better! The current Nitwit Mob page is an example of a ‘good start’. This is just a suggestion for “what’s next?”.

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  3. Steve Hall

    It used to seem that education was the answer, the Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell approach. I admire and follow all of them; in fact, I wrote two books in that vein. But the “In Gov We Trust” and pure democracy mob just kept gaining momentum. America has in fact become a democratic socialist nation, but, ironically with a fascist-style economy. Both headed toward totaliitarianism.
    So I have resigned myself to watching the circus. Doug Casey and Bill Bonner were right all along (curious that neither is on your list of links?). America’s experiment in liberty failed.
    The collapse of our house-of-cards economy was inevitable – the “pandemic” is very likely the final blow. As Hemingway said, war is likely to follow. From the ashes of this mess, new governance will arise. The Nitwits (Doug calls them Americanus Boobus) will turn to a savior, a king or dictator.
    Where will those of us who seek liberty go? How?

  4. Tom Mullen no relation

    This is a great article. The masses will follow a misinformation campaign if the press does 3 things. 1. Repeats the same message in different varieties over and over until you believe it, (brainwashing 101) 2. Mixes false information together with true information creating a salad were you have to eat the whole thing. 3. Finally they stifle disagree my stating stupid things like “you don’t believe in science” or a baby is just a clump of cells and not a small human being. If you disagree you are intolerant but they are not intolerant for disagreeing with you. All of these strategies are right out of Joseph’s Goebbels handbook.

    1. Anna

      How did we, the ones that can still think and reason and ask questions end up with the such a large majority of NITWITS..? This is my opinion…AS a high school teacher(retired) over three decades I watched the erosion of student’s ability to THINK.. to use creativity to solve problems/situations. Curriculums now had a new directive and goal.. to teach to the state test.. Everything was about passing the STATE test. Courses all followed the same cookie cutter instruction – NO deviation was allowed… Did this improve the quality of learning.. HELL NO it did not.. It dummied down the student turning creative minds into mindless robots. Lets add the drugs for ADHD, the number of children on Ritalin … Our children are the most drugged, the most vaccinated, the rate of Autism is just criminal….the fattest, the least healthy.. The Special Ed students were being placed into regular classrooms. Teachers not trained in Special Ed had to become magicians and work out teaching strategies that the Special Ed student could do while still maintaining the level of instruction for the rest of the 25 students.. AND, the students were not to know or find out that these children were Special Ed. Many times students would ask me what is wrong with so and so.. I was forced to lie.. This is public education today…
      OVER three decades we created this monstrosity of NITWITS.. WE did this.. no one stopped this train wreck.. a few out spoken teachers like myself.. all we got .. was get in trouble for pointing this out.. What have we done???
      WE have created a nation that is FEARFUL.. of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness….THESE nitwits are Fearful of FREEDOM. They need rules to follow its what they were taught no independent thinking allowed… these children who are now grown with children of their own have no idea what freedom is about.. The 4th of July means nothing to them but pretty fireworks..

  5. Steve LaBianca

    I will respectfully disagree on one conclusion – thsi problem is a two-headed monster; sure the nitwits LET it happen – by default but humanity being what it is, meaning the nature of humans, is that they’re SO impressionable and manipulable through fear – the MOST powerful emotion. The power mongers, those who would benefit financially and emotionally (they ARE power seekers, after all) through the state mechanism of coercion and control, TAKE ADVANTAGE of this – they corner people into a vulnerable position, then offer . . . NO – pressure people to “allow” them to “help”, in essence manipulating them into relinquishing responsibility in exchange for tribute and control. Yes, these people, these rulers are evil; instead of working to better themselves and deal with others respectfully through persuasion rather than coercion, they bolster the state, a NON-voluntary mechanism and use it to benefit, through fear mongering. These are despicable people. And unfortunately, these power mongers and fear mongers exist NOT ONLY in government, but in the entire oligarchy and become the “elitist” ruling class.


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