Obama Romney debate could be a staring contest

TAMPA, July 16, 2012 – Since this is a presidential election year, everyone is focused on the White House. As usual, this election is being hyped as some sort of crossroads in American history: The American electorate will either choose to make an irreversible turn down the road to socialism or conservatives will save the country by electing a Republican president who will restore the American principles of free enterprise and individual responsibility.

It all makes a pretty good story until one attempts to back it up with tangible evidence: Why is Barack Obama a “socialist?” Why is Mitt Romney different?

The first answer you’d get on Obama from most conservatives is Obamacare. That was virtually the single issue for most Tea Party rallies in 2010. Yet Republicans are going to nominate the former governor who pioneered the same program in Massachusetts. If Obamacare makes the president a socialist, then why doesn’t Romneycare make his opponent one also?

Romney answered that question throughout the Republican nomination debates by taking a states rights position. He had signed a healthcare program into law in Massachusetts that was good for that state, but president Obama had been wrong to impose it upon the whole country.

Why the program is socialist when the federal government imposes it nationally but not when the state government imposes it on its millions of citizens is unclear.

However, that point is moot given other facts that came to light following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare. It turns out that despite repeatedly stating that Obama was wrong to impose the healthcare program on the  whole nation, Romney actually told Obama to do exactly that just three years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Obama Romney debate could be a staring contest

  1. Mitch Gurney

    If the debates occur only between Obama and Romney they’ll certainly be reduced to a staring contest unless those of us who actually want a point of difference do all we to get 3rd Party Presidential candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson into the debates. The rules are In order for a 3rd party candidate to participate in the debates they must show 15% in the “Polls.”

    Let’s put Gov. Gary Johnson on the national debate stage!

  2. William Schooler

    I am unable to watch another showing of ignorant men who claim all things but prove none. Both are birds of a feather and one of the same group. There is no sides and no party there is simply an attempt to see how many will follow this kind of ignorance and ignorant only follow the ignorant.
    So for me there is no show, there is no discussion because truthfully there isn’t anything there at all. Stupidity is just as clear as intelligence and one performs something useful for life around it and stupid flat out does not perform at all.

    I will vote with my conscience and not by party. I will write in my candidate unless he is nominated and my choice is made. Honesty to self is far more than ignorance and perverted elections are not elections at all.


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