President Obama: Staying out of Gaza conflict your biggest test

TAMPA, November 16, 2012 – Dear President Obama,

Push may be coming to shove in Israel. There is only so long that one side can tolerate rockets being fired into its territory and the other can tolerate living under martial law imposed by a foreign power. The whole world hopes for a diplomatic solution, but one side or both may insist upon war.

If it comes to that, then you will face the biggest test of your presidency. Under enormous pressure to do otherwise, the right decision will be to do nothing.

The government you run is bankrupt and the nation is weary of war, especially the pointless kind we’ve waged in the Middle East over the past decade. History will eventually judge both of those wars U.S. defeats. A mighty empire invaded a third world backwater and was eventually expelled by guerilla “freedom fighters” defending their homeland. It’s an old story, but apparently neither voters nor world leaders learn much from history.

For now, the U.S. can declare victory in Afghanistan and withdraw and only good can come of that. What we cannot afford, economically or from a national security standpoint is to go right back into the Middle East, this time with world war a very real possibility.

There is already some speculation that a major offensive by Israel into Gaza may merely be a warm-up for a war with Iran. That may or may not be the Israeli government’s intention, but no rational person can deny that the situation has enormous potential to go there. At that point, it will be more important than ever to adopt the foreign policy that 24 consecutive U.S. presidents said was what made our nation wealthy and powerful: nonintervention.

U.S. citizens have been badgered for a decade with the tired argument that history has taught us not to “appease” a dictator. First Saddam Hussein and now Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been the latest Hitler. Appease them, we are told, and they will not stop until they take over the world. Of course, no one stops to ask the obvious question: With what?

Let’s talk about Hitler and what we learned from history. Chamberlain’s infamous agreement is rather late in the game to pick up the story. Let’s rewind back to Hitler’s rise to power. It could never have happened without the economic hardship Germans suffered as a result of the Treaty of Versailles. That one-sided treaty would never have been signed had the U.S. not entered WWI and turned a stalemate that all countries wanted a way out of into a decisive Allied victory.

Sound familiar? It should, although there is a major difference here. Any war between Israel and either the Palestinians or Iranians – or even both of them together – would not be a stalemate. It would be a decisive Israeli victory that might lead to a lasting peace, if all of the players understand that they are on their own.

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1 thought on “President Obama: Staying out of Gaza conflict your biggest test

  1. William

    This is written like Obama even makes the choice, come on, please stop pretending. I agree we do not need war at all but our dollar is going to crash and there are thinking out there sure Petrol Dollars will keep our dollar going.

    When was the right choice ever a part of this Federal Corporation? Can we please stop pretending it is a Government by the people because it is not, it is Government by the Corporations as can be seen by the spending in this last election. These numbers are not even real in a time when America is flat broke.

    What is common sense if we are not willing to be honest about the common truths we can see? No solutions shall take place until we stop lying to ourselves and base our choices on the truths of these matters.

    War is inevitable by those making the choices because that is all they know, war, destruction, fear, dominance, lies and theft. We only sit on the receiving end of these choices because we do not realize our own force with our ability of choice. A corrupt Government will only create corrupt choices and the only way to correct it is to eliminate it by creating a new non corrupt limited Government. This decision can only be done by the people for the people or there is no choice of the people and only choice of the corporations period.


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