Rumors of Ron Paul Campaign Demise Greatly Exaggerated

In their mad dash to create the long awaited general election narrative, media outlets have pronounced Ron Paul’s campaign dead. They now speculate about what his supporters may do when he drops out. The Associated Press reports that Romney has over ten times the delegates that Ron Paul has secured. Reuters reports that Paul is far behind in Wisconsin and that his supporters have finally conceded that he can’t win the nomination.

None of this is true. Romney has not secured 568 delegates. Hundreds of those delegates won’t be determined until Republican state conventions, many of which haven’t happened yet. As I’ve reported before, there is very credible evidence that Ron Paul will emerge from those conventions with the majority of delegates in many states. Texas, New York and California haven’t even held their primaries yet. Those three states alone control over four hundred delegates.

In many states, there is no cause-effect relationship between the popular vote and the delegates awarded to each candidate. Delegates are awarded via a completely separate process that doesn’t utilize the popular vote totals in any way. The purpose of the popular vote is to inform the eventual delegates of the preferences of voters in their states. That’s why many of those states allow Democrats and independents to vote. They want the eventual delegates to know who those voters prefer. That tells them who has the best chance to win in the general election.

In most years, the media can get away with reporting on the nomination contest as they are now. They can assume that the candidates will receive roughly the same percentage of delegates from each state as the percentage they received in the popular vote. That isn’t accurate reporting, but it usually comes out in the wash, especially as far as the winner is concerned. However, there are many things different in this year’s race and there is a good chance that much of the media is going to look silly come August.

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1 thought on “Rumors of Ron Paul Campaign Demise Greatly Exaggerated

  1. William Schooler

    I just endured the long caucus process here in Washington state at the county level, my first ever and an experience I will not soon forget. The most organized part was all the opposition to Ron Paul people, like no vote lists, slates for Santorum, Gingrich and Romney (unity to stupidity) and the rest of the GOP process was slow, arduous and highly unorganized.There is nothing in my soul that told me this was a genuine activity and by the time I left I was starving and I was one who brought food. The fact that there is a war in the GOP becomes the clear vision of why. They have all made up their minds and wish to hear nothing else. They have their candidate who cannot beat Obama in any election let alone this one. In all fairness Romney has no chance in hell. Although I will say his troops showed up in full force and most were sheep people and not self reliant thinkers. Personally unless we are able to change the GOP I have no reason to be any part of that group because they have no support for me as life. I take it personally because it is life no better than myself making clear cut choices while not allowing others the choice to be involved. I am hoping by the time it is all done the GOP will not have a bit of integrity left and will kill themselves as a party. It was as fake as I have seen any organization. It uses trickery and tactics to get its way and that is hardly being a part of a process to support my Republic nor my Liberty.

    I think the demise is the GOP itself because it is obvious it is broken and is intentionally fighting Ron Paul which is in the GOP and this fight shall be their demise because a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. I don’t think there will be any saving grace when this is all over because they will have blown all credibility.

    Yes the delegate count is way off the roster in that it is far from done but so many are pretending it is by choice and not by results. This is where it becomes real visual when you participate that these folks will go to any measure to get what they want. Although this is not working out in all cases and in many of them because of that alone the credibility of their actions will show through. I hope they can break it at the national level, but we shall see. Some of those that have been around a long time are far from honest people. When they all walk around with serious looks on their faces you have to know they are far from honest with themselves.

    If we Break the GOP that will be a win for me, will it put Obama back in office for another 4 years? I am thinking we are going to see some major events take place before we get that far. There are things going on all over the world and here as of late that may just blow the lid off of some this this crime we have been enduring and it is about time.


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