To the People of Texas: Concerning the Republican Presidential Primary

It is no accident that so many of the books and movies about the Old West are set in Texas. There is something about Texas that stirs the soul. It is the yearning for freedom.

From before its birth as a republic or a state within this union, Texas has been a place where people have gone to be free. As an isolated state in the Mexican republic, Texas provided a sanctuary for all who wished to live their lives without interference from a distant capital. When the Mexican government attempted to exert centralized, despotic power over your ancestors, they fought with Santa Anna and the federalists. When that general later repudiated liberty and betrayed the Texans, they stood against him and won their freedom again.

Americans have always thought of Texas as an independent state that only reluctantly joined the union, with one foot out the door ever since. It is not that Texans are unpatriotic. On the contrary, Texas is the last place in America where the principle of federalism still seems to live. None doubt that Texas will support and defend her fellow states. However, Americans have always fondly imagined Texas’ stance towards the federal government to be, “Don’t push us too far or we’ll leave. We’re quite capable of taking care of ourselves.”

In an age where centralized power has reached into every aspect of our lives, only Texas exudes a spirit of resistance. When Americans think of a well-armed, independent populace, they invariably think of Texans. If the federal juggernaut is ever to be checked, who better to lead?

The limits on government power have been under attack since the birth of the republic. Now they are all but gone. The government no longer protects your life. It claims the power to kill you without trial. It no longer protects your property, but loots it to fund its failed social programs and foreign adventures. Worst of all, it no longer recognizes your God-given right to liberty. It believes that it can tell Texans what they can eat, what they can drink, how they must run their businesses, what they can and cannot do on their own property, and even what they can think.

Sadly, most Americans have forgotten how abhorrent these ideas are. Many of us like to think that Texans have not forgotten. Have you? You have an opportunity to answer that question during this election year. There is one man running for president that opposes everything that is wrong with America. It is no mistake that he comes from Texas.

For Texas Republicans, every election must bring back the sting of Santa Anna’s betrayal. Republican politicians are elected specifically to cut the size and scope of government. They never do. The Democratic Party openly admits that it seeks to expand government at all levels. At least they are honest. The Republicans claim to oppose that agenda, but have expanded government whenever they have been in power.

This election year is no different. Certainly, Barack Obama makes no promises to shrink the government. He believes that all economic growth originates from some sort of government intervention. He believes that the purpose of government is to redistribute wealth. He opposes the basic ideals that made America great. He makes no secret of this. At least we know where he stands.

It is the Republican candidates that represent the potential for another betrayal. As usual, they say that they intend to cut federal spending and power, but they will not name one specific program that they will cut. None of them, that is, except Ron Paul.

Congressman Paul has stood alone for decades against the unchecked growth of government and is the only candidate committing to cut it. He has already published a budget that cuts $1 trillion from the federal budget during his first year as president. It eliminates five federal departments, not only saving money, but reestablishing the principle that the federal government has no business regulating education, housing, commerce, energy, or “the interior.” These are all powers properly left to the states or to the people. His opponents do not make similar promises because they do not truly believe in these principles.

You may have been told that Ron Paul is “unelectable” because of his foreign policy. What is that policy? It is that only the American people may decide to go to war, through their elected representatives in Congress. Ron Paul insists that no president or general may usurp that power. If war is truly necessary, then there should be a debate in the Congress and a declaration of war. When America followed this constitutional process, we won wars. Since America has abandoned it, we have never really won a war.

We instead send our soldiers to far-off lands with no definition of victory. Their hands are tied with confusing rules of engagement that prevent them from winning and allow the wars to drag on. This benefits those who profit from war, but not those who give their lives or are forced to pay. How much longer will we go on like this? Sixty years later, what is the U.S. military’s mission in Korea and when will it end? Germany? Japan?

Ron Paul will end those missions now and recommit our military to defending this country. Most importantly, if war should comes during his presidency, he will have it properly declared by Congress and will allow our military to win it. Do you truly believe that any of the other candidates will do likewise? Make no mistake, Ron Paul is the only president that will win the next war.

Our nation is on the verge of socio-economic collapse. Every reasonable person recognizes that the federal government is the root of the problem. Who will stand up and oppose it? Every media outlet is arranged against Ron Paul and anyone else that suggests pushing back. Americans are bombarded daily with propaganda supporting the status quo. The Republican Party leadership doesn’t oppose it at all.

Ron Paul is our last hope. A vote for anyone else is a vote for more of what has led us here. Time is running out on the option to reverse course. Courageous people in many states have already cast their votes for liberty in large numbers, but they have not yet given Ron Paul a victory.

You can change that when you hold the Texas Republican Primary. You will have an opportunity to strike a blow for freedom. Texas commands 155 delegates. A Ron Paul win in Texas can prevent another big government elitist from clinching the Republican nomination. Most importantly, it sends a message that a large and prominent state has rejected the unnatural form of government that we have adopted. It says to the federal government what our forefathers once famously said to the British, “This far shall you go and no farther.”

It is the responsibility of every individual to defend his or her own liberty. It is the responsibility of every state government to defend the limits on federal power. Texas cannot do it for the other states, but she can lead by example. The stand against tyranny must begin somewhere. If not in Texas, where else? If even Texas does not resist, who will?

There is a yearning for freedom within every American heart. Ron Paul has reawakened it in millions. The forces of tyranny recognize this and are uniformly aligned against him. They despise freedom and independence. They thrive on dependence and control. One side is going to win. Freedom can only prevail with Texas leading the way. Do not let us down. Give Ron Paul a victory in the Texas Republican primary.

Tom Mullen is the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.


6 thoughts on “To the People of Texas: Concerning the Republican Presidential Primary

  1. William Schooler

    You are very correct Tom there is Ron Paul who has regenerated the idea we have always sought, it is he who is reigniting it. It is the people who are in question of todays display of leadership and rightfully so, it should be questioned.

    Will the Texan’s make the difference by defying the crappy norm we are seeing everywhere else where so many watch their TVs in order to make their choices and how it is impossible to make and informed choice from such a manipulation to begin with?

    Yes Texas was a Republic like many states at one time but it too has taken on huge deficits which only speaks to the corporate love affair which is no love at all. Pretty much all State Governments have been infiltrated and distorted by the wrangling of global financiers offering cheap money to suck them in to the hornets nest. Sure Ron Paul has opposed these acts but lets look at Rick Perry and all integrity becomes lost.

    See I have found how the poor ideas of finance, law, present Governments, and secrecy were all passed around from one source to another source. But for the life of me I have not been able to locate how the idea of a Republic got passed around, practiced and showed signs of growth. In all cases I could only find shrinking Republics, lack of Liberty in each one and they all disappeared by the same atrocities we are going through now. The one thing I noticed in all cases, the idea of A Republic and Liberty both existed in idea form but when it came to training for it, instilling it and making it a part of our everyday lives because we wish to live as one, no actual training was offered, zilch, zero, nada. But there has always been training to be good boys and girls and listen to what you are told. Get good grades, get a good corporate job and do not dare think for yourself and this training has been in abundance throughout history. These specialized in finance, law, Government, politics the perverted form and business as a corporate philosophy have all been in abundance. The very practices that pervert and distort what life means, what Liberty means and what it means to pursue ideas without limits or controls. In an environment free of obstructions that history has brought us.

    So I ask you now what makes Texas so different when we look at all the particulars? Because they lack the same training we do? They hold the same screwed up values we all do in our states? That some how debt will yield some sustainable practice never achieved in centuries of time with the idea of hope it will some day?

    Even our election process has been corrupted with reasonable doubt yet we continue down the same crippling path to nowhere watching them strip us of our dignity to know we can smell a rat.

    Even the Republican Party is corrupt because the majority is the establishment and we all see it and we wish to rid ourselves of it as they shovel the bull in our faces.

    For us who hold such great principals that Ron Paul holds dearly to his heart, we all know these are not a practice but simply a hope, a dream barely acted on and no one ever asks what the hell is missing?

    Our foundation of Choice, our basic understanding of us as life. That the Declaration of Independence gave us our deciding principals to apply to all choices in our constitution to sustain Liberty and keep us free from barbarism but because these ideas are imposed with no such training, no full understanding the house will never grow because the roots of such a foundation not well supported by daily practices of our lives. And this is something we will have to change on our own without the goon squad training camps to stupid which lives so prevalent around us. Stupefying public after public to the total destruction of any such Republic at all and still today intelligent educated people have not recognized the very missing basics to all things achieved. That these ideas have a great basis that binds them and gives them strength and delivers the ideas daily like meals to make us stronger at such practices. Because the only ideas that live really long are the ones that get passed down centuries after centuries of practice and show the results of such an act by life, those who create the ideas from the very beginning. A Marvel yet to be discovered by most as applicable to sustain their own humanity by their personal acts towards each other and is the very reason a Republic is a great idea, now if we will only train ourselves to deliver this idea without waiver of false ideas forced down our throats we could actually prosper in the achievement of this idea and not the bad ideas of wealth by very disturbed monetary men who only wish to rule the universe.

  2. Monte

    I would like to pass out copies of your article at the Ron Paul meeting at Texas A&M tomorrow with the following addendem.
    Tom Mullen is the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.

    What should we say to those who like Ron Paul, but don’t believe he can win? Here are three major points to consider.
    There are a number of recent polls that show that because of his ability to attract youth, Independents, and dissatisfied democrats, Ron Paul is already the most likely Republican candidate to defeat Obama in the November election.
    Ron Paul is a lot like Warren Harding who went into the 1920 convention with only 6% of the delegates, but emerged as the party’s nominee, and won the general election in a landslide.
    The defenders of the Alamo did not care that Santa Anna told them they could not win. They refused to accept his propaganda because they were focused on the cause of liberty, and were willing to fight to the death for freedom for all Texans. Let’s show America that Texans still believe Texas, and America, should be the land of the free.

    Learn more about Ron Paul at and come join the revolution!
    Make copies of this and pass it on.

    Let freedom ring.
    A fellow Texan

    Is that ok.


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