Trump’s popularity is democracy in action

trump paulIn the past two Republican primary elections, we had a candidate who consistently defied the Establishment by articulately and intelligently telling the truth, remaining firm in his principles even when it cost him politically, and had a well thought out plan to change the political course of this country. He struggled to get 2 million votes.

This year, we have a candidate who consistently defies the Establishment by just “making shit up,” contradicting well-documented positions he’d taken just a few years ago, and delivering his message with all the eloquence of a punchy boxer in his twilight years. He’s leading in the polls.

That’s democracy in action, something the Constitution was designed to protect us from. God help us all.


Tom Mullen is the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.


1 thought on “Trump’s popularity is democracy in action

  1. Tonnie Lipez

    Dear sir

    I just read your article on cop killings being way down for Obama as compared to Bush.

    Ok this one really got me, not the topic of the article or the states for that matter but the simple fact that this subject just shot right over your head.
    Really are you serious.

    I mean it’s like your the guy at the party, someone tells a joke and your the one that says wait I don’t get it.

    Come on man, your smarter than that.


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