What Ron Paul didn’t say

TAMPA, September 6, 2012 — There was no big announcement during Ron Paul’s appearance on Jay Leno Tuesday night. On the contrary, Paul’s appearance was somewhat anticlimactic given Mitt Romney’s nomination at the Republican National Convention last week. Of course, he still said what he has been saying for over thirty years in public life: America must stop spending money it doesn’t have, must liquidate its debts and rethink the role of government as cradle-to-grave caregiver and policeman of the world.

Ron Paul has said many memorable things during his two most recent campaigns for president. A debate moderator tried to put him on the spot regarding his position on leaving Iraq, asking contemptuously, “What is your plan to get U.S. troops out of Iraq?” Paul replied without hesitation, “We marched right in there without a plan, we can march right out.”

When asked about Newt Gingrich’s suggestion that the U.S. government explore colonizing the moon, Paul replied, “No, I don’t want to go to the moon, although I’d like to send some politicians up there.”

A few days ago, I posed a question at the end of my story on the Maine delegation fiasco. What were they really so afraid of?

It wasn’t what Ron Paul said that had them so scared. It was what he didn’t say.

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1 thought on “What Ron Paul didn’t say

  1. William Schooler

    They really want Obama back in office that bad they would enforce Ron Paul out and Romney in because they are certain he cannot win and since it is the same group backing both in the biggest show on earth only goes to show the real intent.

    Make it look like an election, make it look like we are picking delegates. Make it look like all of this is legitimate yet most of us that went through this experience finally saw for the very first time the enormous force of corruption and banker influence and organization. Unity is a funny thing when you get that many deciding in one direction, yet we do not even realize what took place.

    Ron Paul didn’t have to say a thing, he simply knew all he had to do was show a bunch of us how sick this whole operation is. He gave so many a real reality check and we are still checking ourselves asking what the hell was that?

    This was a good education, a really good reality check for a whole lot of people who are not going to sit back, I have a feeling this storm is only beginning to brew for the GOP is now fully broken and more and more are beginning to realize how corrupt this whole idea is. This is not a case of winners and losers because you cannot win inside tyranny, you can only wipe out tyranny to reinstate Liberty. This education will certainly assist because Liberty is far more worth while than the limits of a few idiots who have not one clue what LIFE really is.


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