What’s so important about replacing Obama with Romney?

TAMPA, April 25, 2012 – Now that the Republican Party and the media have decided, in quite Orwellian fashion, that Mitt Romney has won the nomination (even though he hasn’t); the party has ramped up its campaign to unite behind the Republican candidate. Regardless of those “minor differences” supporters of other candidates may have had, nothing is more important than defeating Barack Obama in November. There is only one question that no one is asking.


The first answer provided by many Republicans is “Obama is a socialist.”

I don’t read minds, so I can’t speculate as to what President Obama thinks. He may silently recite Saul Alinsky while he signs executive orders. He may be wearing Karl Marx Underoos when he reads from his teleprompter. I don’t know (and don’t want to know). We can only judge him on what he’s done. So far, he hasn’t done anything substantively more socialist than George W. Bush.

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4 thoughts on “What’s so important about replacing Obama with Romney?

  1. regeya

    Yeah; for what it’s worth, Obama seems like a pretty generic Republican who happens to be registered as a Democrat and who pandered to the far left during the election.

  2. Ulli

    I agree with you Tom – surprisingly – a 100%. Obama got me really in 2008 thinking about a positive change in US politics. He just followed up after his election …. in the footprints of his predessor W fullfilling the bailout, having the FED print money and getting another bubble started … the wars were the same as his predessaor started. His so-called healthcare package, well little of value for the average US american, maybe here and there some sugar crystalls – but the cream is for the healthcare industry, wjhich coopted the package…
    So what comes now – WITHOUT ANY DOUBT to me, Ron Paul indeed would be the ONLY true alternative candidate to Barack (and Mitt)!

  3. Steve

    Nice Tom, not enough people saying this. I just said almost the same thing earlier today when some said on FB that we needed to unite to get Obama out all we will be a Marxist country. Well, the funny thing is we already of way too many things in this country that should only be in a Marxist, socialist or communist country and it has been done by many Republicans and Democrats. So to say that is why we need to get behind Romney. I just watched a vid on the Internet that should statements from Romney and Obama. Over a dozen of them were almost identical to the very words and they were on the main issues being tossed around the media. Thing are much worst than I thought when people who hate Obama for certain things yet Romney feels the exact same way but they must run and vote for him.

  4. American-American

    Anyone who speaks on politics and uses “the other side” types of lines causing division is continuing the advancement of a well established, deliberately manufactured divide and conguer strategy. Listening to the politicians on both “sides” of the manufactured divide one can hear them using these terms with great frequency. What it tells me is they are all on the same “side” and it is not for American sovereignty but for global government and Agenda 21 with the UN at the helm and nobody over them to be accountable to, having no God to fear. The constitution has no sides but promotes unity, gratitude to the God of Nature and Nature’s God as He is called in our Declaration of Independence. Separation of Church and state began not with the first amendment but in 1962 or 63 and it is semantically deceptive. It will literally and completely separate church from all states when the deliberate conquest is completed. It has nothing to do with what it claims and everything to do with what it says it is intended to prevent. Of all the candidates, only Ron Paul would understand fully what it is I am trying to express. Even if the others do, and perhaps they do at some level, they would deny it, criticize it and continue to seek out global governmnet and abject slavery for a disarmed nation and world. This is what we are fighting. Why anyone would want to vote for any other candidate than Ron Paul is incomprehensible to me. It is a brainwashed or a complicit person who would do such a thing. If an atheist or an agnostic reads this and it riles their idea of a freedom of expression for all beliefs bar none, than keep in mind that right is a direct result of the God given rights concept which is biblical and cannot be separated from our rule of law as it is the foundation of Free Will for the individual’s right of conscience. In other words, “It is one’s God given right to be an atheist.” Ron Paul for president 2012. Thank you for allowing us to all express ourselves on your page.


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