That Other Government That Called Part of the Population Diseased with Eric Peters

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Eric Peters is widely known as “The Libertarian Car Guy” for his writing on how the government attacks our freedom through regulation of automobiles. But his lively pen and keen insight go far beyond the automotive. His latest article concerns a disturbing similarity between the way the Covid Regime in the U.S. is treating the unvaccinated with the way a notorious government from the 20th century treated a certain part of its own country’s population.

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1 thought on “That Other Government That Called Part of the Population Diseased with Eric Peters

  1. Roland

    Tom, your point about Fauci’s condescension on masks is a good one. His claim that he told a “noble lie” is itself a lie. If his aim had been to preserve the supply for medical workers, he would not have said it the way he said it. His tone and choice of words demonstrated that his intent was to ridicule: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” You don’t say it that way unless you believe that the non-scientist rubes are doing something stupid.


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