Episode 21 Bitcoin Basics with John Bush

Guest bio:

John Bush  is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Central Texas. He began his career in activism in 2002 questioning the official account of what happened on 9/11 and speaking out against the wars in the Middle East.

He was introduced to libertarianism by the good Dr. Ron Paul in 2007. As he learned of anarchism and agorism he focused his energies on promoting alternative institutions like cryptocurrency, regenerative agriculture, and mutual aid groups.

In 2005 he laid out his vision for Freedom Cells, peer to peer mutual aid groups that work together to find more freedom for those involved. The Freedom Cell Network now has over 30,000 participants all across the globe. His interest in natural health led him to discover kratom, a natural remedy which he sells along with CBD and Delta 8 THC through his company Brave Botanicals.

He recently launched Live Free Academy, an education enterprise that aims to help people find financial independence and sovereignty in their lives. He also hosts the Live Free Now Show, bringing listeners news, views, tips and tools they can use to live a free, prosperous, and healthy life.

Guest Links:

Live Free Academy

My Brave Botanicals

Additional Reading:

The Economics of Bitcoin by Robert P. Murphy

Understanding Bitcoin: The Liberty Lover’s Guide to the Mechanics & Economics of Crypto-Currencies by Robert P. Murphy

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