Episode 30 The States Move Towards a Constitutional Immigration Policy with Suzanne Sherman


Like the country as a whole, libertarians are divided on immigration. And while only private property borders are legitimate in a perfect world, the constitutional solution may be one everyone can at least live with.

Guest bio:

Suzanne Sherman was raised in California and having spent most of her life there, she moved to Utah to live a life of preparedness and self-reliance. She’s also a recovering attorney previously licensed to practice in California for several years. In addition to her work on preparedness, Suzanne has done significant writing on history and the Constitution.

More information can be found at her website at https://www.suzannecsherman.com/

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Additional Reading:

The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 1798 and ’99: with Jefferson’s original

draught thereof.

Jefferson and Madison: Regulating Immigration a Power “No Where Delegated to the Federal Government”

The Gaping Hole in the Libertarian Immigration Debate

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