Episode 36 Fighting for Freedom in Knox County, TN with Mayor Glenn Jacobs


Since 2020 we’ve learned how important it is that we still live in a federal republic rather than a monolithic nation state. If things get too bad in your state, you can vote with your feet and many Americans have over the past two years.

However, you can also make a difference at the county level. Despite the name recognition gained from being an international professional wrestling star, Glenn Jacobs (WWE’s “Kane”) decided to run for mayor of Knox County, TN and won. He joins Tom to discuss governing during the pandemic and beyond.

You can watch a video of the episode here.

Guest Bio:

Glenn Jacobs spent more than 20 years as a professional wrestler. Most notably as WWE superstar and three-time world champion Kane. After a hall of fame career as a professional athlete and a few decades as a small business owner, Glenn felt called to run for mayor of Knox county, Tennessee, to help others reach their full potential.

In 2017, Glenn answered the call to serve and was overwhelmingly elected mayor of Knox county in 2018. He’s running for reelection this year in 2022.

Guest Links:

Re-Elect Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor

Twitter: @GlennJacobsTN

Additional Reading:

WWE wrestler-turned-Tennessee mayor refuses compliance to COVID vaccine mandates in letter to Biden

Knox Co. Mayor Jacobs says he will not issue new COVID-19 restrictions

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