Episode 37 Can Christians be libetarian? with Doug Stuart and Kerry Baldwin


The libertarian philosophy based upon self-ownership and the non-aggression principle leads one to political positions like legalizing prostitution, gambling, and other victimless crimes.

This begs the question: can one be a devout Christian and a libertarian at the same time? Doug Stuart and Kerry Baldwin of the Libertarian Christian Institute join Tom to discuss their new book on the subject, Faith Seeking Freedom: Libertarian Christian Answers to Tough Questions.

Guest Bio:

The Libertarian Christian Institute is a federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational and religious nonprofit organization that promotes libertarianism from a Christian point of view. We are convinced that libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought. LCI is ecumenical in nature, welcoming all those who confess the traditional creeds of the universal church.

Doug Stuart: Doug Stuart is CEO of the Libertarian Christian Institute. He holds an MDiv from Missio Seminary, and his writing and speaking focus on challenging the status quo. Doug became a full-fledged libertarian because Christians can defend liberty as a necessary aspect of loving others and defending the rights of the oppressed. Doug currently lives with his wife and three children in Lancaster, PA, where he freelances as a graphic designer and video producer. He has served as a deacon at an evangelical church, where he has also taught classes on film and culture, evangelism, faith and economics, and non-violence.

Kerry Baldwin: Kerry Baldwin is an independent researcher and writer with a B.A. in Philosophy from Arizona State University. Her website is MereLiberty.com and she focuses on libertarian philosophy and reformed theology. She challenges readers to rethink prevailing paradigms in politics, theology, and culture. She is a confessionally Reformed Christian orthodox Presbyterian in the tradition of J. Gresham Machen (1881–1937), an outspoken libertarian and defender of Christian orthodoxy.

Kerry holds libertarian anarchism to be properly grounded in Reformed Christian convictions, and finds an alternative to patriarchialism, feminism, egalitarianism, and complementarianism in a Reformed perspective. Kerry is a single, homeschooling mother of three. She enjoys outdoor activities in the Jemez mountains near her home, and stereotypically introverted hobbies such as puzzles and brain teasers.

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