Building the Free State of New Hampshire with Carla Gericke

Guest bio:

After winning the Green Card lottery, Carla Gericke left the plains of Africa for a better life in America. Before then, she finished boarding school when she was sixteen years old, and law school when she was 21, working as an attorney in South Africa and California.

Carla is author of The Ecstatic Pessimist: Stories of Hope (Mostly), now available on Amazon or directly from Carla (personalized and shipping included).

Carla has appeared on WMUR, CNN, and Fox News, been featured in GQ and Playboy, been quoted in The Economist, and has discussed libertarianism on the BBC. She has visited more than 40 countries, hiked to the base camp of the 10th highest mountain in the world, lost a shoe in a taxi more than once, had her passport stolen in Goa, got kidnapped in Vietnam, and has noshed on more “mystery meat” street food than she cares to admit.

Carla is the President Emeritus of the Free State Project, a conspiracy to get tens of thousands of libertarians to move to NH, take over the state, and leave everyone alone. Carla just started her own webcast called the Carla Gericke Show and is again running for NH state senate against an opponent she describes as “an eighty-something, 12-term Establishment dude,” and she’s getting closer and closer to beating him.

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The Ecstatic Pessimist: Stories of Hope (Mostly)

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