Episode 42 FEDERALISM How Decentralization Can Save America with Suzanne Sherman


So divisive have American politics become that conservatives and liberals now openly talk about “national divorce,” meaning dissolving the existing union to allow red and blue states to either govern themselves or join smaller, likeminded federations. While there is nothing wrong with considering this solution, one less daunting may be staring Americans in the face. Suzanne Sherman lays it out in her new book, FEDERALISM: How Decentralization Can Save America.

Guest bio:

Suzanne Sherman was raised in California and having spent most of her life there, she moved to Utah to live a life of preparedness and self-reliance. You may know her as the “Red Hot Chilly Prepper” and host of the Wasatch Report. She’s also a recovering attorney previously licensed to practice in California for several years. In addition to her work on preparedness, Suzanne has done significant writing on history and the Constitution. More information can be found at her website at https://www.suzannecsherman.com/

Book discussed:

FEDERALISM: How Decentralization Can Save America by Suzanne Sherman

Free Gift from Tom:

Download a free copy of Tom’s new e-book, It’s the Fed, Stupid, at itsthefedstupid.com.

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It makes a great introduction to the government’s most economically damaging institution for liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, and independents alike.

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