Episode 45 The Jazz Age President Defending Warren G. Harding with Ryan S. Walters


There are myriad lists of best and worst presidents in U.S. history compiled by historians. Typically, presidents who helped expand the power of the federal government, led America into a major war, or both, are found at the top, while those whose governance benefited their constituents the most are found at the bottom. Warren G. Harding is in the latter category. He’s often named one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. Ryan S. Walters says that’s just plain wrong and joins Tom to discuss his new book, The Jazz Age President: Defending Warren G. Harding.

Guest bio:

Ryan S. Walters is a writer and historian living in North Texas. He is the author of Grover Cleveland: The Last Jeffersonian President, Remember Mississippi, Apollo 1, and The Jazz Age President: Defending Warren G. Harding, which will be released in February 2022 also by Regnery History. He teaches American history at Collin College.

His website is ryanswalters.net.  

Book discussed:

The Jazz Age President: Defending Warren G. Harding

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